Columnist, Edible Alaska.  

ARC: A compilation of the Circumpolar North, vinyl record on Unbound Records of the Anchorage Museum

The Weight of Pain: What Does a 10 on the Pain Scale Mean? An Innovative Use of Art in Medical Education to Enhance Pain Management.’ Marr, Bonnie et al. Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, Volume 57, Issue 6, 1182 - 1187

Author, “What is architecture to you? The RISD Art Circle engages Drawing Ambience,” RISD Museum website, May 2015

Author, “The making of a score,” RISD Museum website, June 2014

Co-author, “Thinking about thinking”, RISD Museum website, Mar 2013

Editor, with Sarah Ganz Blythe, editor-in-chief, of Manualthe twice yearly journal from the RISD Museum on art and its making. Winner of the 2014 EdCom award in Excellence in Resources, presented by the American Alliance of Museums.