back in it

The summer is manic up here: the constant sun, the possibility of wild adventure. And, as the summer months open up past solstice, bounty burgeons on the surface: spawning salmon, inky tundra blueberries. There is almost no coaxing me inside, except for rain. 

And so, my art studio has been rather empty. I've had my boots on and my bearspray handy rather than my apron on and my needle in hand. 

I spent the summer collecting a wide array of massive vegetables when not roaming vertically up mountainbacks: 

And when I did finally step inside, I spent my time fermenting and dehydrating, creating stores, putting bounty away. 

I have been keeping a kitchen rather than a studio. But now as the cold comes in, the studio offers up refuge from the cold, a quiet place for restoring after such intensity.

So, I have the intention for Open Wilds audio to resume with an intentional--though not strict-- frequency. 

I'm getting back in it.

Listen in: