Photography by Erik Gould, courtesy of the RISD Museum, Providence

Photography by Erik Gould, courtesy of the RISD Museum, Providence

Hollis has an established background creating and facilitating experiences with art and design designed to cultivate habits of mind that support expert clinical care.

Through workshops and courses that engage directly with museum objects and cultural materials, clinicians develop skills such as metacognitive and reflective abilities, rich observation skills, communication of complex ideas, and comfort with ambiguity. 

Hollis is available to your clinical or arts/humanities organization or institution for consultation. She excels in creating sustainable partnerships, and creating workshops and curriculum tailored to specific aims and desired outcomes. 

She has 8 years of experience developing and facilitating a variety of personal and professional development offerings for practicing and aspiring physicians and clinicians. She helped to initiate and develop a collaboration with Alpert Medical School of Brown University at the RISD Museum. Read about this partnership.  


art-based sessions that develop creative thinking skills and reflexive practice for current and future physician

-Clinical Arts: Building Habits of Mind for Clinical Practice with the Anchorage Museum, credit-bearing Elective Course for WWAMI

-Clinical Arts Workshops, Alaska Family Medicine Residency

- Creative Dimensions of Clinical Decision Making, Brown University seminar course for premedical undergraduates, co-taught with Jay Baruch, MD

- Artful Medicine, accredited Continuing Medical Education workshops for practicing physicians, co-facilitated with Jane Hesser, LCSW

-Clinical Arts Series, a RISD Museum workshop series integrated into the curriculum of the Alpert Medical School Dermatology residency program

- The Weight of Pain, a RISD Museum workshops series for Emergency Medicine physicians and residents, co-facilitated with Bonnie Marr, MD

- Artful Thinking, workshop for pre-medical students at the Davis Museum of Wellesley College           

- From Galleries to Wards, elective workshop series for Brown University pre-medical students co-facilitated with Kevin Liou, MD and Jay Baruch, MD

- Cops and Docs, evening workshops for detectives and practicing physicians at the RISD Museum 

- Humanities Workshops, sessions for first and second year Alpert Medical School students at the RISD Museum 



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